Thursday, 05 September 2013 15:09

Monument of famous Mongolian poet to occupy Lenin’s empty place

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Mongolian_poet_Natsagdorj_statueLenin_statue_in_Ulaanbaatar_removedThe monument of famous Mongolian poet Natsagdorj Dashdorj has been a subject of public discussion since the building up of its original surrounding area by hotels and negligence of the statue.

It was proposed to move the monument to either to the front of the Ulaanbaatar hotel or to the front of the Ulaanbaatar’s central library named after Natsagdorj.

The Citizens’ Representative Board of Ulaanbaatar decided to place the monument in front of the Ulaanbaatar hotel where the statue of communist leader Lenin used to be until removal earlier in 2013.

The monument of Natsagdorj D., who was the founder of Mongolia’s modern literature, is 7 meters tall and weighs 9 tonnes.