Monday, 30 September 2013 22:54

Ulaanbaatar taxis to get traffic privileges

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Ulaanbaatar_taxi_traffic_stopThe Urban Transport Center of Ulaanbaatar City allowed taxis that meet the official taxi standards such as designated taxi logo, top light box and taximeters to drive on first lane starting from October 1, 2013. Taxis, however, are still not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers on most main roads except at 13 designated areas built so far.

These designated areas are: bus stop at 16th khoroolol, bus stop at "Sansar" gas station, "Sudalt" center, Builders’ square, "Bo’mbogor" trade center, "Duukhee" center at 4th khoroolol, subsidiary road at 10th khoroolol, the opposite side of “Electric Vehicle” company, "Centrepoint" (Golomt bank card center), "TDB Anduud" shopping area (the front of Khan bank branch office), Capitron bank (the front of the Emergency Medical Service Center), the front of the National Library and Ulaanbaatar department store. Two additional taxi stop areas are being currently built at the Institute of Railway and Military Hospital.

By 2017, Ulaanbaatar will have 27 designated taxi areas according to the Urban Transport Center of Ulaanbaatar City.

Currently, only large public transports such as buses and trolleybuses are allowed to drive on first lane.