Tuesday, 25 March 2014 07:30

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts to operate a new hotel in Mongolia

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Movenpick_Hotel_in_Ulaanbaatar_MongoliaMövenpick Hotels & Resorts has announced new hotels in Turkey, Mongolia and Morocco, the take-over of a landmark property in Pakistan and the opening of a new ‘hotel within a hotel’ in Egypt as considered organic expansion continues to be the hallmark of the company.

A new hotel managed by Mövenpick Hotels & Resort in the capital of Mongolia will be ready by 2018. The hotel officially called Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Ulaanbaatar will have 250 rooms and 124 residences and based in the upmarket area of Bayanzurkh district just 3.5km from the historic centre of Sukhbaatar Square.

The Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts partnered with Jiguur Grand Group (JGG) – one of the largest construction and development companies of Mongolia for its new hotel project. According to the JGG president, Mr.Battur D., he had a meeting with the President & CEO of Mövenpick Hotels & Resort Mr. Jean Gabriel Pérès in Zurich, Switzerland and signed a management agreement with Jens Reichert – the Vice President Development Asia Pacific at Moevenpick Hotels & Resorts.

“As you are aware Mongolia is going to have a new international airport by 2016 and airlines of Mongolia are already expanding their fleet with new large capacity passenger aircrafts. This is a new page for the Mongolian tourism industry development. And our new hotel will start its operation by that time. Switzerland is world renowned for its swatches, banks and hotels. I’m happy that unbeatable Swiss quality is coming to Mongolia” said Battur, President of JGG.