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Flights to Frankfurt and Paris launched

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Mongolian_Airlines_aircraft_photoJune 2014 was a busy month for Mongolian civil aviation with one airline (EZnis Airways) halting its operation and other two launching new routes.

On June 9th, Hunnu Air launched its inaugural flight between Ulaanbaatar and Paris. The ceremony took place at the Chinggis Khaan International airport (ULN) and was participated by the management of Hunnu Air and the officials from the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia. The Hunnu Air Airbus A319 was greeted at Charles de Gaulle airport with water salute.

Later, on June 19th, the national air carrier - MIAT Mongolian Airlines also launched the inaugural Ulaanbaatar - Frankfurt flight. During the inaugural flight ceremony MIAT's CEO Jargalsaikhan Gungaa said that "direct flights between Frankfurt and Ulaanbaatar save passengers time and money. Frankfurt is the main hub airport of Europe connecting with North American and African countries."

He mentioned also that the airline is planning to extend its operation and launch flights to USA. "Our airline might experience some financial losses during first two years of Frankfurt flight, however, we have to look at long term benefits and will work to eliminate it earlier" he added.

The ceremony was attended by the officials of the Ministry of Road and Transportation of Mongolia and the Cultural, Economic and Development Cooperation Attache of the Embassy of F.R. of Germany in Ulaanbaatar Mr. Mr. Sammy Duesdieker. Mr. Duesdieker expressed a hope that the Frankfurt flight will help to the increase of the number of tourists coming to Mongolia.


Hunnu Air Inaugural Flight Opening Ceremony



Hunnu Air Inaugural Flight



Hunnu Air Airbus A319 is greeted with water salute at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris





MIAT Mongolian Airlines Inaugural Flight Ceremony in Ulaanbaatar


MIAT Mongolian Airlines CEO Jargalsaikhan Gunaa makes a speech at Frankfurt Airport



MIAT Mongolian Airlines Inaugural Flight Ceremony in Frankfurt