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Grand Race for Naadam Festival 2014

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Naadam Horse FestivalThe 60 km Grand Race of horses will be held during 2014 Naadam Festival.

The Naadam festival organizing committee officially announced to add a 60 km long route for horse race as an addition to already existing 6 age categories. starting from 2014 Naadam Festival.

Traditional competitions of Mongolian Naadam Festival include three main sports – wrestling, archery and horse race – collectively referred to as Three Manly Games

Horse Race is organized in 6 age categories that traditionally start annually with Khyazaalan (four-year old) and Shudlen (three-year old) horse races on the eve of Naadam or July 10 followed by Azraga (stallion) and Ikh Nas (fully mature horses over 5-year old) horse races on the first day or July 11, and Soyolon (five-year old) and Daaga (two-year old) horse races on July 12th

The longest distance of the Naadam Horse Race is held among Ikh Nas (fully mature) horses, which is about 25 km, the second longest distance is 24 km for stallions, followed by Soyolon (about 23 km), Khyazaalan (18 km), Shudlen (13 km) and Daaga for about 11 km respectively.

The first official 60 km long distance horse race named Grand Race will be organized on July 10, 2014 starting at 04:00 pm at Khui Doloon Khudag valley, with starting line from Baga Tsagaan Khutul area to Altan Uul destination of 30 km and to have a rest of 30 minutes there and to return to starting line.

According to organizer of the Grand Race – the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers any horses regardless of breed and ages are allowed to compete.