Monday, 21 July 2014 00:01

Ulaanbaatar to have new bus-stops with free Wi-Fi

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Ulaanbaatar to have new bus stop with free wifiThe Ulaanbaatar Mayor's Office in collaboration with the City's Transportation Road Authorities and the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, have been implementing a program to build public transport stops under general standards.

According to program team, the project is aimed to improve the appearance of the capital city and to create a comfortable living environment for the citizens of Ulaanbaatarians and visitors.

In the scope of the program, which is being carried out under cooperation agreement between above bodies, an advice and support is provided by a French Corporation, "JCDecaux" Group known for its bus-stop advertising systems, billboards, public bicycle rental systems and street furniture.

The new bus-stops will be erected in some 200 locations featuring city map and waiting areas for vehicles, taxis, metro and bike parking. Equipped also with information boards, double the Say-ray water resistant, power-efficient LED lighting. Audio devices to information for people with disabilities. This device operates a solar battery transmit sounds within a radius of 5 meters. Moreover, people waiting for the bus will be enabled to access a free internet Wi-Fi for 20 minutes.

The project plans to install 69 bus-stops within August 2013.

Ulaanbaatar bus stop project by JCDecaux