Saturday, 09 August 2014 15:42

Tourist guide police is on the street of Ulaanbaatar

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Tourist police MongoliaThe City Council in conjunction with UB Tourism Board, Metropolitan Police and Mongolian Students Union is implementing "Tourist Guide-Police" program for the 2014 National Naadam Festival and tourist season.

The newly formed Student-Police is obliged to guide tourists and provide necessary assistance, besides prevent attacks on tourists, and in case of any violations relevant to tourists, they have to solve problems immediately.

Students were assigned to police stations at each districts of Ulaanbaatar where the tourists are concentrated the most.

During the Naadam festival only 2 criminal cases were reported to the police which was less by 7 cases from previous year.

Student police also prevented and reported to local police 4 violations toward foreign tourists.

Students were selected based on their foreign language knowledge and were taught with skills on proper handling in urgent situation like first-aid assistance, advise tourists with basic knowledge on law, etiquette, psychology as well as self-defense classes. Currently, 88 students were selected for the program. The student-police are employed and paid depending on worked hours worked. A student has the opportunity to earn at least 308,000 MNT per month and during tourist season or months of July, August and September, they will be rewarded with minimum of 924,000 MNT. The necessary fund for this program is allocated from the City Council budget.

Tourist guide police in Ulaanbaatar