Friday, 17 October 2014 12:00

Postage Stamp Museum Opens Celebrating 90th Anniversary of the First Mongolian Postage Stamp

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Mongolia-Postage-Stamp-90-anniversaryOn October 7th, 2014 Mongol Post company held an opening ceremony for the Postage Stamp Museum celebrating the historical 90th anniversary of Mongolian postage stamps.

Since the first printing of seven postage stamps back in 1924, Mongolia has printed 4,100 different kinds of mark with 990 themes.

The head of Mongol Post's Postage Stamp Department, Ganbold D. said that the most recent postage stamps were dedicated to recent official visits of Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping. He also mentioned that postage stamps dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory of Khalkhin gol battle was jointly printed with Russian partners. "Themes of postage stamps are usually related to historically important events, politics, culture and art, and animals" - he added.

During ceremony, Mongol Post together with Mongolian Postage Stamp Collectors Association held an auction for some rare postage stamps including the very first original postage stamp printed in 1924, which was purchased by Mr.Boldkhet for MNT 4,6 million. Mr.Boldkhet holds of one of the Mongolia's largest retail business - Naran Trade.

A special introductory brochures with a free postage stamp inside were distributed during the ceremony.

The Postage Stamp Museum will chronologically feature the Mongolian postage stamp history since 1924 and will have free entrance until the end of 2014, after which it is planned to have a fee of MNT 500.