Thursday, 06 November 2014 14:35

Disinfection and sterilization at Gandan Monastery

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Gandan Monastery The Veterinary and Animal Breeding Department of Ulaanbaatar conducted a disinfection and sterilization of Gandantegchinlen Monastery on October 29, 2014 as the area is a place for the gathering of a large pigeon population that visitors feed by hand.

Conditions at the monastery pose a threat to safe public hygiene as the bird droppings create a mess and complaints have been made. Several Ulaanbaatar city agencies have also reported that the large pigeon population disturbs power lines.

The disinfection and sterilization of the city's historical site of was conducted by the Veterinary and Animal Breeding Department of the capital city, in collaboration with the monastery, and Bayangol District Police Department I.


A disinfectant that is not harmful to people and animals was used to make the area more pleasant for public use. Loudspeakers were set up to call visitors not to feed pigeons and alerting of possible infectious diseases transmitted through pigeon's droppings.


Authorities also suggested that reducing the number of pigeons will help to preserve the historical and cultural site and prevent possible electrical fires.