Tuesday, 09 December 2014 04:49

Mongolia, China and Russia held trilateral tourism research conference

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Mongolia China and Russia tourism research conferencePreviously bilateral conference organized under the name "Conference on Border Regional Tourism between Mongolia and China" has now been expanded to trilateral conference by including Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia and Zabaykalsky Krai of Russia starting this year.

According to the Ulaanbaatar city’s Tourism Department, during the trilateral conference held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia of PRC, the parties agreed to launch a road trip on a route between Manchuria - Chita - Ulan-Ude - Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar - Arkhashaat, and a special tourist train trip called “Steppe Star” on a Huhhot – Ulaanbaatar – Ulan-Ude route. Parties also discussed to continue “Ancient Tea Route” initiative by three nations in order to jointly promote and advertise it to other foreign tourists.





Mongolia China and Russia trilateral tourism conference

 Ancient Tea Route