Tuesday, 17 February 2015 02:22

MIAT to discontinue its Singapore flight

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MIAT Guyug Khaan 737MIAT Mongolian Airlines (IATA code - OM), that launched twice-weekly scheduled flights from Ulaanbaatar to Singapore via Beijing on Wednesdays and Saturdays on September 24th, 2014, is conducting its last scheduled flight to Singapore on 4 March 2015, according to its GSA in Singapore, Aviation Services (S) Pte Ltd.

Due to operational requirements, MIAT flight OM232 operates its last Ulaanbaatar-bound scheduled flight to Ulaanbaatar via Beijing on 28 February 2015. On this day, it departs from Changi Airport Terminal 3 at 7.30 pm, transits in Beijing at 1.45 am for one hour and arrives in Ulaanbaatar at 5.15 am on 1 March 2015 (Thursday).

The return one-way flight OM231 leaves Ulaanbaatar at 8.15 am on 4 March 2015, transits in Beijing at 10.30 am before embarking on its onward journey to Singapore at 11.30 am and touches down in Singapore at 6 pm on 4 March (Wednesday).

MIAT Mongolian Airlines wishes to advise passengers from Singapore intending to travel to Mongolia to fly with the airline via Hong Kong on 4 March onwards until further notice. No other airline flies to Ulaanbaatar from Hong Kong except MIAT.

It's unknown at the moment whether Singapore flight will be resumed or not, however, summer flights to Frankfurt from Ulaanbaatar are planned to be resumed in June 2015.