Friday, 01 May 2015 00:00

The Most Googled Product for Mongolia is ... Travel Cost

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In popular culture, certain countries are stereotypically associated with certain products — beer in Germany, carpets in Turkey, electronics in Japan and Genghis Khan in Mongolia.

But those things aren't what people are really searching for.

Earlier this month, the cost-estimating website put together a map of the world with the most-Googled for object in each country, using the autocomplete formula of "How much does * cost in [x country]."

While the results are far from scientific — since Google autocomplete results vary based on the searcher's history, the time of search, and the place of search — they do say at least a little bit about how countries are perceived.

The search results turned out to be hilarious and informative, and gave a peek into humanity’s cost obsessions per country.

Some of the fascinating results:

• People want to know how much a MIG aircraft costs in Russia

• People want to know how much travel costs in Mongolia

• People want to know how much cow costs in India

• People want to know how much beer costs in Turkey (not in Germany!)

Here is the map of Asia and the world