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New Tourism Minister Appointed

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The State Great Khural (parliament) of Mongolia has newly appointed Battsereg Namdag as the Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia on September 8, 2015.
During the appointment hearing at the parliament, Battsereg expressed that he will focus on the environment protection as well as the continuity of previous minister’s policy.

Soon after the appointment, the new minister had an online meeting with local administrative units responsible for environment and tourism. During the meeting, Battsereg issued 18 orders among which are preparation of this year’s reports, identifying current challenges and preparations for the autumn environment protection campaign.
The short biography of BATTSEREG Namdag - a Member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia and the Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia.

Education background
1976 Secondary School
1982 Sverdlovsk Training & Industrial Center
1992 Political Education Academy

Working experience

1982-1989 Teacher and principal at the secondary school
1990-1992 Head of Democratic Party in Zavkhan aimag
1996-2000 the Member of Parliament
1999-2000 Head of the permanent commission at the on environment and countryside development at the parliament
2000-2003 Advisor and director at the private industry
2003-2006 The advisor to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science
2007-2008 Vice-Minister of Finance
2009-2012 General Secretary of the Mongolian National Democratic Party
2012 – Member of Parliament

The previous minister –Oyunkhorol Dulamsuren had been appointed to her post on December 9, 2014.