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Mongolia Capital Raising and Investment Conference 2012

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MONGOLIA:Capital Raising & Investment Conference 3 - 5 Sept. 2012
This annual conference is the most comprehensive forum on investing in Mongolia. It facilitates foreign investment in Mongolia by giving investors insight into what investment opportunities exist, while streamlining the capital raising process by connecting service providers to Mongolian companies looking to raise capital internationally.
Mongolia’s economy is developing at an extremely rapid rate, and the investment climate is changing at the same pace. The parliamentary election on that had been held on June 28 will change the political and economic scene dramatically. So, don’t miss out on the latest trends and investment prospects! Attending the conference will keep you up to date with all the latest information on the Mongolian investing scene and keep you ahead of others.

What's new in 2012?
This year's conference will exclusively focus on: The upcoming election and its implications for foreign investors; how and where can Mongolian companies raise funds in this harsh environment? Most updated situation of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi, Oyu Tolgoi and other mining and non-mining projects.

7 reasons to attend the conference:
-   Network with the leading players on the Mongolian investing scene
-   Learn about Mongolia’s resilience on the global mining marketplace
-   Recognize impending changes to the economic and political climate
-   Listen to firsthand insights from the leading experts on Mongolian business
-   Discover the latest investment prospects
-   Visit the mining sites first hand and understand how they operate
-   Raise capital from top international investors

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