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Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism of Mongolia Receives Delegates from the Republic of Korea

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Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of MongoliaOn 19 November, 2012 The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia, Her Excellency Oyungerel Tsedevdamba held a brief meeting with the Deputy Minister for Tourism from the Republic of Korea, Han Jang Young in the Government House during the visit of the latter in Mongolia upon his request.  Mr. Han Jang Young was accompanied by officials Lee Changho, Cha Moonyoung, Riew Wha Sun, and Kim Hyuntae.

During the meeting Mr. Han Jang Young emphasized the importance of growing number of tourists between two countries and expressed his interests in more close cooperation between two ministries. During the meeting Mr. Han Jang Young mentioned his interest in Mongolia’s three traditional manly games - archery, horse-racing and wrestling. He also said he wanted to visit Lake Khuvsgul but could not because of the cold weather but he promised to come back to see the lake.

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia, Oyungerel Ts. explained that Khuvsgul lake is not only a must-see beautiful place for photographers, hikers and ordinary tourists but is also a good recreational area for athletes. Her excellency stated that the Ministry is planning to build an international standard hotel and an all-year round tourist camp in the Khuvsgul province. She also stated that it is expected that the Gobi region is expected to be a paleontological and the Orkhon valley to be a historical tourist destination in future.

At the end of the meeting Han Jan Young expressed his interest to see Khuvsgul again and kindly asked the Mongolian Minister to assist him in seeing Mongolian traditional nomadic life the next time he visits Mongolia.

Source: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia