Saturday, 23 February 2013 14:15

Dinosaur Museum in Mongolia

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Mongolia-Gobi-DinosaurA new “Central Museum of Dinosaurs” will be built by the decree #11 of the Government of Mongolia from the January 12th, 2013. According to the decree, the museum will be established in order to “protect and pass Mongolia’s cultural heritages to next generations and increase awareness of paleontological findings”.

Vacant positions of the museum’s director and main paleontologist were announced by the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Mongolia, Mrs. Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, following the government decree. This week, Mrs. Javzmaa Namsrai, was officially appointed as the director of the new museum.

According to newly appointed director, the new museum will be initially specialized in fossil dinosaurs found from not only Gobi but throughout Mongolia and further expanded into whole paleontological sector. She also added that the first important step in establishing dinosaur museum will be creation of an open database of all fossil findings that are currently abroad and documenting those in Mongolia, therefore, blocking any chances for further smuggling.

The museum is planned to have high level of security and storage besides an unique interior setting resembling the dinosaur eras. Mongolia has activated its effort in paleontological sector after discovering Tyrannosaurus Bataar being smuggled to the US.