Thursday, 07 March 2013 03:17

Good bye, Lenin! Welcome, dinosaurs!

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inside_lenin_museum_statuemongolia_dinosaur_tyrannosaurs_bataarA handing over ceremony of Lenin’s museum will be held today. Earlier the Mongolia’s Government approved a decree to turn Lenin’s museum into Dinosaur Museum although the exact date of the hand-over wasn’t clear until now.

The ceremony will be attended by high ranking officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Mongolia and the State Property Committee.

After peaceful transition of Mongolia from socialist society into democracy in early 1990s the museum stopped its operation as a museum and was used as a shopping center. The museum building is considered as the only building in Mongolia that meets museum criteria. The museum building will be a new home to not only fossils currently stored in the Academy of Science of Mongolia but also many fossils that have been smuggled up to date.

Below are the pictures of the Lenin's museum being just built and current state.